Miskanawah (formerly Pathways Community Services Association)

Ashleigh Spelay

Company Overview

Miskanawah responds with cultural solutions to emerging social issues and provides supportive services that strengthen children, youth, families, and communities. Our culturally grounded framework of practice and expertise in evidence-informed western practices uniquely positions us to support Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in our commuity.

We offer a continuum of services from early intervention with newborns through to family-based care for youth, and intensive support for families in crisis. Individuals are supported in accessing their community, establishing social and professional supports, and connecting with cultural resources and practices that ultimately enhance individual and family wellness and reduce isolation.

Our Vision

Children, youth, and families thrive within a culturally responsive community.

Our Mission 

Guided by Indigenous teachings, Pathways offers evidence-informed supportive services to people in the Calgary area as they strengthen their circles of self, familiy, community, and culture.

Our Logo
Pathways symbol embodies the principles of relationship, wellness, balance and healthy living that begin with the individual and embrace the community. Our logo represents a strong foundation (stone people); strength through cooperation; growth and welcoming change (red sun line); and healing, well being and freedom (feathers). Like the circle in our symbol, our work also has no beginning, no end and is always in motion to meet the changing needs of each individual.

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Lodge Keeper
Provide supported visitation to families with children in care
Posted - February 7, 2020