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Further Education Society of Alberta (FESA) is a charitable organization serving people in Canada who are striving to overcome social, economic, and educational barriers to learning. Our mission is to strengthen communities, families, and individuals through literacy and learning. With over eighteen years of research, experience, and expertise, we are a leader in literacy and essential skills programming, and recognized nationally for our contributions to the field of literacy. We work to build the literacy and essential skills of foundational learners through four arms of work: Partnership Building and Community Development, Direct Educational Program Delivery, Training and Skill Building for Community Workers, and Research and Curriculum Development. At FESA, we believe that literacy affects all aspects of family and community life - including employment, finances, health, education, social welfare, and justice, and that low-literacy must be addressed by a cross-sector of community. In partnership with business, Aboriginal agencies, agencies for new immigrants, Women’s shelters, and other organizations across the country, we provide a variety of free literacy and essential skills (LES) programs to multi-barriered learners as well as training for community stakeholders, building community capacity address gaps in LES development and programming.

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Communication/Special Projects Assistant
Further Education Society of Alberta - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Communication/Special Projects Assistant
Posted - May 21, 2019