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Further Education Society of Alberta
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Calgary , Alberta
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5 - 10 years
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Request for Proposals - Human Resource Consultant

Human Resource Consultant

Request for Proposals (RFP)

 *Please submit a full proposal, resumes and cover letters will NOT be accepted*

  • 1.     Invitation  
  • The Further Education Society of Alberta (FESA) is inviting qualified consultants with experience in community development, literacy and essential skills, and foundational learning and an in-depth knowledge of human resource to provide human resources support to management, staff, and project partners of the ‘Going the Distance: Engaging the Hospitality Sector in Aboriginal LES Training Development’ project.  


  • 2.    Further Education Society (FESA):
  • At FESA, our mission is to strengthen communities, families, and individuals through literacy and learning. For over 20 years, we have worked to build community capacity and address gaps in parent education and Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) development throughout Canada. Providing free family literacy and adult foundational learning programs and training, we have supported community-based literacy initiatives in over 750 communities across the country.

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  • 3.    Going the Distance Project Summary:
  • National in scope, the Going the Distance project led by FESA, will address under-representation of Indigenous populations in the labor force by supporting businesses in the Tourism and Hospitality industry to develop a better understanding of workplace Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) needs and then design and implement targeted, customized, and locally-based workplace LES training solutions to address these needs.

    Using a community led approach, the design and implementation of workplace LES training solutions will improve the ability of employers in the Tourism and Hospitality industry to recruit, retain, and advance Indigenous employees, while concurrently improving the ability of Indigenous people to find employment, meet on-the-job demands, and succeed at work as a direct result of improved LES.

    Program Objectives:

    The key objective of the Adult Learning, Literacy and Essential Skills Program (ALLESP) is to improve the awareness of adult learning, literacy and essential skills among partners, stakeholders and employers, as well as the application and integration of literacy and essential skills into their programs and activities. 

    Project Specific Objectives:

    From May 15, 2017 to November 14, 2020, the Further Education Society will:

    • engage employers, partners, and stakeholders to develop, test, and evaluate a practical customized training model that is transferable, replicable, and adaptable to regions across the country; and
    • aid communities in obtaining the skills necessary to develop a localized response to the LES needs of Indigenous populations in the workplace.

    This project is led by FESA and funded by the Adult Learning, Literacy, and Essential Skills Program, HRSDC.

  • 4.    Scope of work:
  • Reporting directly to the Project Manager, the successful consultant will assist project staff to work with employers and employees throughout the project, provide expertise on workplace training models and workplace culture, design recruitment strategies for employers and employees, and develop training strategies for the workplace. They will serve as a liaison between project staff and employers, and assist with understanding workplace culture should challenges arise.

    The successful consultant will engage in interviews and meetings with Going the Distance project participants to understand their human resource needs and challenges with the recruitment, retention, and advancement of Indigenous employees.

    The successful consultant will provide leadership, technical expertise, and related communications for human resources (training and development) regarding the review, development, and implementation of human resources policies and long-range strategies.

    The successful consultant will conduct a review of existing human resource infrastructure with project partners; provide recommendations and strategies for development of revised and/or new processes, programs and practices on human resources matters, in relation to Indigenous workers.

    The successful consultant will support the Project Manager in data analysis and preparing funder reports.

    Based on regional needs and community assessments conducted, the successful consultant could be required to assist with the following:

    • Performance Management Practices: develop performance appraisal process and train managers on goal setting, leadership, and communication as it relates to Indigenous employees;
    • Training: determine appropriate training and provide support to deliver such training; recommend, facilitate and/or provide training classes.
    • Ongoing Human Resources Support: human resources support for administration of policies and procedures;
    • Identifying areas for improvement of employee relations; and
    • Assistance/guidance with:
    • employee discipline
    • hiring procedures and policies
    • termination factors
    • employee accommodations

    The above list is not all inclusive. The details of the proposal may include other areas that can be provided by the successful consultant.

  • 5.    Project Length: May 15, 2017 – November 14, 2020
  • 6.    Contract Term: The successful consultant will be expected to carry out duties until project completion (November 14, 2020). All contracts will require an annual review of performance. Actual commencement of the delivery of services is scheduled to begin November 2017.
  • 7.    Conditions: The successful consultant will work on contract and report directly to the Going the Distance Project Manager. Staff at FESA will provide support and guidance to the consultant for the duration of this project. The consultant will meet with the Project Supervisor and Manager on predetermined dates and as required provide updates and progress on this project. Travel to project regions across Canada may be required.
  • 8.    Qualifications & Considerations:
    • In-depth knowledge of workplace training design;
    • Experience working with non-profit organizations and in the vulnerable sector;
    • In-depth knowledge of Literacy and Essential Skills and Foundational Learning;
    • Demonstrated experience in Human Resources Programs, Policies, and Procedures; Employee Relations; HR Strategy; Training and Development; Onboarding and Recruitment, and Performance Management;
    • Experience providing coaching/advising/consulting support to increase people management within the workplace;
    • Ability to facilitate workshops, learning sessions, focus groups for HRM practices (across an organization);
    • Ability to work collaboratively with FESA project staff;
    • Ability to manage project to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality deliverables; and
    • Price.
  • 9.    Proposal Requirements:
    • Executive Summary
    • Write how you propose to undertake the scope of work. Address the following subjects:
      • Understanding of the requirements RFP
      • Technical approach and proposed work plan for the required services
      • Technical capabilities in terms of personnel, equipment and materials; management plan, method of assigning work and procedures for maintaining level of service, etc.
      • Pricing and comprehensive budget; provide hourly fees for:
        • Preparation time for trainings, meetings, etc.
        • Delivery of services, such as consulting, class training or facilitation
        • Any other charges, such as travel, accommodations, etc.
        • Declaration of experience and qualifications (attach a separate CV if needed) of all principle staff assigned to the project
        • References


    Please submit one electronic copy of your complete proposal to Charmaine Lyon at [email protected] by September 29, 2017.   

    You may contact Charmaine at [email protected] or 403-680-8517 if you have any questions regarding this RFP.