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Company Name:
Bridges Social Development
Approximate Salary:
Not Specified
Calgary, Alberta
Social Services
Position type:
Full Time
Experience level:
Entry Level
Education level:
High School or equivalent

Administrative Assistant

Estimated Time Commitment: Full-time (30hrs/week) - flexible from month to month depending on the nature of Bridges’ work. Requires flexibility and availability on some weekends and evenings for events and trainings.

Compensation: To be discussed. This is a one-year (with option to renew) consultant agreement. Note: does not include an employee benefit package.

Location: Ideally Calgary, with some flexibility to the Calgary area depending on the candidate. Bridges’ operates a virtual office therefore there is no one specific office location to report. This will require the candidate to be flexible in working from home, and or other locations as required. Most team meetings or other meetings occur in the inner city area.

Start-date: Sept/Oct, 2014

To Apply: Send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] with the Job title in the subject line. Applications will be reviewed ongoing, but deadline is noon Sept. 6, 2014.



This position reports directly to the Executive Director (ED). Primary functions of this role are to provide administrative support for the organization, including the tracking, organizing, and storing of information, as well as managing team schedules, calendars, contact databases and basic book-keeping. It will also include some logistical coordination for events, or meetings. The nature of Bridges’ work in empowering people to realize their potential and encouraging people to deepen their level of care (see for more details), requires this person to be passionate about Bridges approach and philosophy.

Bridges is a small, but growing organization with a broad network of facilitators, community champions and partnerships to execute the work. While all team members have their specific roles, as a small organization we are each responsible for stepping up to make sure what is needed gets done. We are also a values based organization that looks to empower its staff and consultants to find the roles and responsibilities that best fits their strengths and personal interests.

Executive Assistant Strengths:

1) Highly Organized: You recognize that information, when appropriately stored and easily recalled, contributes to smooth operations. You have cultivated skills and understand tools which enable you to track, organize, and store information such that it can be easily identified and recalled.

2) Technologically Savvy: You understand the value of technology and digital software systems, and have an ability to quickly learn/adapt to the use of these technologies, and source new and appropriate technologies, when necessary.

3) Detail Oriented: You pay attention to the small things that make the rest of an organization run smoothly. You take pleasure in the details and are good at thinking ahead to assess what may be needed.

4) Relationship Building: You recognize that people are the priority, and you like to connect with unique individuals across a variety of ages, cultures and roles. You see the need for long-term meaningful relationships with people in doing capacity building work.

5) Accurate with numbers: You are careful and meticulous in recording dates, times, and financial numbers so as to ensure accurate books, calendars, and logistics.

6) Professional Communication: You realize that successful relationships are based on timely and clear communication and exceptional listening abilities, and you see this as a priority.

7) Writing: You have a knack for recording information in the written form to capture the story, the meeting, or to accurately communicate information within the team, the board, and with external relationships.

8) Self-Authorized: You have the confidence and understanding of yourself to know how to manage your independent work as part of the Bridges team. You also recognize your own limitations and are able to find the necessary support, or make requests when needed.

9) Seeing People’s Potential: You believe strongly that all humans have potential and strengths that are sometimes hidden due to systemic circumstances. This potential can be unveiled through supporting, empowering and creating self-understanding in individuals.

10)          Realized Idealism: You understand the complexity of the work, are pragmatic in your approach, and you know that success is not defined in the number of projects completed, but rather in the improved capacity of all individuals in the Bridges community.

11)          Understanding of and/or Interest in Different Cultures: You have previous experience or a genuine interest in understanding the stories of different cultures and seeing the connections to your own.


Main Duties include:

Organizing and Managing Bridges’ Digital and Physical Information Filing Systems - Given the nature of Bridges work, we have developed processes and tools to help with our tracking of information, and evaluation of our work. It is the responsibility of the Admin Assistant to organize and manage this information, digitally by way of our software platforms: Insightly (contact management); Dropbox (online file sharing); Google docs (online file sharing); YouTube (video storytelling); Flickr (online photo sharing); etc., and by way of our physical filing systems. Most of our systems are managed through a network of MacBook computers and smartphones.


Financial Management of Bridges Books - It is the responsibility of Bridges’ Admin Assistant to manage basic book-keeping systems. S/he will track income, donations, record expenses, process payroll, generate expense cheques, prepare financial statements and complete monthly reconciliation under the supervision of Bridges’ Ed and Board Treasurer. Specific experience or knowledge of Quickbooks is desired.

Managing Bridges’ Calendars/Schedules and Virtual Office - Bridges’ has a virtual office, with two physical locations in Siksika, and Morley that are managed by the program teams. As such the Admin Assistant will be called upon to provide support to the virtual team of staff and consultants this will include: managing calendars and schedules for team meetings, programs, events and board meetings, as well as ordering as needed supplies, collecting mail form PO Box, and other as needed requests as they emerge.  As a small and adaptive organization this calendar management will also require some forward thinking to ensure we are meeting commitments, but also not committing too much at one period of time. The Admin Assistant will also be responsible for supporting the ED and COO in setting up donor, and professional meetings and to ensure timely follow-up with key stakeholders.

Contributing to Bridges’ Communications - The Admin Assistant will support general communications and the creation of basic reports, grants or written materials. This includes management of Bridges e-mail and social media accounts such as Facebook, and Twitter. S/he will share responsibility, alongside program staff and communications staff, for communicating relevant information to donors, board members, and other external relations.


Other duties include (but not all-inclusive):

Supporting Calgary-Based Program Administration - Bridges runs several programs in Calgary on an ongoing basis, including youth leadership programming, as well as volunteer/mentor training programming. It is the responsibility of this position to manage administrative duties with respect to Calgary-based programming, including logistics (location, food, etc.) and communication. Programming that takes place outside of Calgary (i.e. Siksika First Nation, Stoney Nakoda First Nation) is the responsibility of other program staff but may need support for larger events on an as needed basis.

Other creative elements based on personal interest to help develop Bridges - It is the goal of Bridges to unveil the potential of youth, which requires us to role model that has a team. Each of Bridges’ team members, including the Admin Assistant, has a small project or work area that is based on their own personal passion which is developing themselves, and pieces of Bridges’ work further. These are decided based on matching need with interest through conversation with the Executive Director.