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REDI Enterprise Society

 REDI (Rehabilitation and Employment for Developing Independence) Enterprise Society is a non-profit society which has served the community of Medicine Hat since 1952. REDI works with the community to provide opportunities and supports for a wide range of working and living experiences for persons with disabilities. They also contribute to a cleaner environment through their recycling services. The organization currently has 193 employees and an annual operating budget of $12 million.

REDI serves individuals and families of individuals facing developmental, physical, social, economic, or political barriers.

REDI Enterprise’s services are delivered through the following Divisions:

Vocational Services (VS)

  • Assists individuals with disabilities who have a desire to work and/or volunteer in the community.
  • Supports meaningful involvement and personal development.

Community Support Services (CSS)

  • Provides support to individuals to live as independently as possible in their homes.
  • Supports individuals in shared community living arrangements.
  • Provides supports to connect individuals with opportunities to participate as full members of community organizations, and to enjoy recreational, social and cultural activities and events.
  • Supports individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and their families.
  • Supports coordination of services for individuals who need supports to access available community resources.
  • Supports individuals under age 65, who live in long-term care facilities, to access community.
  • Provides Community Education around issues relating to FASD.

Brain Injury Relearning Services (BIRS) and Alberta Brain Injury Network (ABIN)

  • Provides rehabilitation and relearning of physical, cognitive, and daily living skills through individualized supports which promote self-help, self-esteem, self-awareness, social interaction, and community integration.
  • Improves community awareness and knowledge relating to Brain Injury prevention and services available.
  • Provides Support Coordination and Supports for Community Living through the Alberta Brain Injury Network.

Commercial Operations

  • Operates three commercial entities with a primary mandate of ensuring a steady stream of funding to support core programs. These include:
    • A Bottle Depot (17 FTE’s $3 million revenue and handles over 20 million containers) and an e-Waste Recycling Centre (a growing revenue centre which handled 6,500 metric tons of electronics).
    • A Recycling Plant which is under contract from the City of Medicine Hat (the City provides leased vehicles and REDI provides labor and management 15 FTE’s. 6000 metric tons have been diverted from landfills and the service generated $1.5 million). REDI is working towards National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certification so it can handle confidential information.
    • Bus Bench advertising initiative (in Partnership with Medicine Hat Transit. REDI is able to sell the advertising for 200 bench locations generating $100k annually).


REDI began their work at a time when society believed people with disabilities were a burden; when segregation and isolation were the norm. Since that time they have worked on many levels to redefine people with disabilities as equal and contributing partners of society. A society where they can live, work and enjoy life, in a community where everyone belongs.

REDI began with a first-of–its-kind sheltered workshop in 1955, supporting four individuals to operate their own businesses, and the organization has continued to be in the forefront of creating opportunities. Today, the Society has expanded its mandate and influence by creating partnerships and relationships with a host of community partners to create meaningful social, employment and volunteer opportunities for its clientele. These partners are the cornerstones of building a community where everyone belongs. In isolation, no one organization can create opportunities, or change attitudes: it is by partnering with the people and organizations of Medicine Hat that this is achieved.

REDI’s social enterprises were established to serve unmet needs in the community and promote gainful employment for hard to employ individuals. They generate supplemental income to enhance services to persons with disabilities.

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