Pathways Community Services Association

Ronni Abraham

Company Overview

Pathways Community Services Association exists to respond to emerging social issues and provide supportive services that allow families and community to thrive. 

By engaging our children, youth, and families within a culturally grounded framework of practice, we strive to minimize the impact of social issues and guide those we serve towards creating better lives.

Pathways’ provides a broad range of cultural opportunities to the urban Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, and we welcome involvement in celebrations and ceremonies that honor culture and history. This respect and recognition of culture is embedded in all that we do both with individuals and families, and within our community. This includes a continuum of services from early intervention with newborns through to family based care for youth, and intensive support with families in crisis. Individuals are supported in accessing their community, establishing social and professional supports, and connecting with cultural resources and practices that ultimately enhance individual and family function, and reduce isolation.

Our Vision

Children, youth and families thrive within a culturally responsive community.

 Our Mission

Drawing on the strengths and guidance of Aboriginal traditions and teachings, Pathways:

  • Engages children, youth and families through delivery of a continuum of resources, supports and services;
  • Strengthens Aboriginal cultural integrity and identity;
  • Creates and celebrates community unity, dignity and wellness.

 Our Logo

Pathways symbol embodies the principles of relationship, wellness, balance and healthy living that begin with the individual and embrace the community. Our logo represents a strong foundation (stone people); strength through cooperation; growth and welcoming change (red sun line); and healing, well being and freedom (feathers). Like the circle in our symbol, our work also has no beginning, no end and is always in motion to meet the changing needs of each individual.

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Family Strategist and Support Worker
Pathways Community Services Association - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Family Strategist and Support Worker for Family Care Program
Posted - June 21, 2018
Program Manager (Parenting Focus)
Pathways Community Services Association - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
overseeing the day-to-day delivery of family services with a parenting focu
Posted - June 21, 2018
Home Visitor
Pathways Community Services Association - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Home Visitor -- one-year term position
Posted - June 11, 2018